Traders Raise Anti-Pak Slogans In PoK; Protest Against Load Shedding


Traders in Muzaffarabad blocked the Neelum Valley road to show their anger against load shedding in the area.
Muzaffarabad, Traders in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan occupied Kashmir(PoK), blocked the Neelum Valley road and burnt tyres to show their anger against load shedding and damage of transformers in the area. The protest was called by the Anjuman Tajiran (trade union) in Muzaffarabad as local businessmen have been facing huge losses due to severe power cuts.
The protesters raised slogans against the Water and Power Development Authority and Prime Ministers of PoK and Pakistan.
The police tried to disperse the protesters forcibly, causing major tension in the area. It is ironic that the hub of hydropower generation, PoK suffers long and persistent power outages, ranging from four to 12 hours. As per an estimate, PoK produces roughly 1,500 MW electricity through hydropower but fails to get its total requirement of 400 MW.The people of PoK blame Islamabad for exploitation of its resources and in return keeping the region in the dark.Meanwhile, merely a few days ago, the World Baloch Organisation (WBO) has established billboards, carrying the slogan ‘#FreeBalochistan from human rights abuses by Pakistan,’ across the iconic Times Square, New York City. The campaign, highlighting Pakistan’s kidnappings, torture, and massacres in occupied Balochistan and the Baloch people’s right to self-determination, kicked-off with more than 100 Taxi-cabs.

The awareness campaign in New York City followed a successful month of implementing the campaign in London, UK.

(With inputs from ANI)