Traffic management mute Spectators in district Ganderbal, passengers suffer


Ganderbal.Today our reporter visited various routes of district Ganderbal and everywhere it was seen that drivers are violating traffic laws and traffic police/MVD Gbl is a mute spectator and have no control on overloading of passenger vechicles.
Due to overloading, passengers are either found hanging on the footsteps of the vechicles or sitting on the roof tops. The overloading in passenger vechicles is a problem for women who often face inconvenience in public transport.From the taxi/bus stands or halting points vechicles don’t run till they are overcrowded.
It has been also seen that if all the seats in the passenger vechicles are booked and the passengers would tell the driver to leave, he would straight away tell the passenger that ‘he cannot leave till all the spaces in the vechicles like roof tops and adjustments in seats are filled.Traffic police/MvD Gbl act as mute spectators to overloading.