Treating teachers like chowkidars unacceptable: NC

Srinagar, National Conference on Saturday expressed concern over the Government’s “deliberate attempts to humiliate and harass” government teachers.
The decision to treat teachers like “chowkidaars” reflected the Government’s “tyrannical and regressive mindset”, said National Conference leader and MLA Pahalgam Altaf Kaloo.
He said dignity of “our teachers cannot be compromised with and the party would fight such nefarious designs and stood in solidarity with the teaching community.”
“Since time immemorial, our teachers have been the respected architects of our society and have groomed our future generations. Their services have been rewarded by gratitude and respect since ages and this seems to be something that is alien to PDP’s mindset,” he said, in a statement.
“They are rewarding the exemplary services of our teachers in trying circumstances by humiliating them and denigrating them by asking them to physically guard government schools. That is a responsibility of the Government and the J&K Police – why are teachers being forced to do the job of the Police?” he asked.
Talking to various delegations of Government teachers that met the legislator in Anantnag on Saturday, Kaloo said National Conference stood in complete solidarity with the teachers and was also concerned about the trend of schools being targeted.
“We want our schools to be protected at all costs – there is no doubt about that. But the Government should ensure this is done through the proper mediums and departments. The job of our teachers is to impart education in a safe and protected environment – not to act as a civil militia to perform duties that the Government has failed to perform”, the NC MLA said.
Kaloo said the situation in the Valley in general and South Kashmir in particular continued to be grave. “… and the lives of our teachers as well as our students needed to be safeguarded before taking any decisions that could put them in harm’s way.”