Trump administration reviewing its assistance to Pak: USAID


WASHINGTON, Apr 12: The US is currently undergoing a review of its assistance to Pakistan which is expected to be finalised soon, a top Trump administration official has told lawmakers.
The relations between Pakistan and the US nosedived after US President Donald Trump last year accused Islamabad of giving nothing to Washington but “lies and deceit” and providing “safe haven” to terrorists.
With Islamabad playing a crucial role in peace talks with the Taliban, which may ultimately result in the withdrawal of the 14,000 US troops from the war-torn Afghanistan, the Trump administration seems to be reviewing its aid policy to Pakistan.
“We’re undergoing a review of our assistance in Pakistan that we hope will be finalised soon. And we’ll then report to you in terms of what will be going forward,” USAID Administrator Mark Green told members of House Foreign Affairs Committee during a Congressional hearing on Thursday.
In September, the Trump administration cancelled USD 300 million in military aid to Islamabad for not doing enough against terror groups like the Haqqani Network and Taliban active on its soil.
Trump also criticised Pakistan in a Twitter post back in November, saying Islamabad was not doing enough to stop terrorism.