VDCs govt-sponsored group of dacoits, terrorists: Geelani


VDCs govt-sponsored group of dacoits, terrorists: Geelani
KG News Desk
Srinagar, June 18: Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday condemned the announcement of the government in which it had said that the Village Defence Committees (VDCs) wouldn’t be disbanded.
Geelani said that on the one hand the government is admitting that there are hundreds of “rape, murder, plundering and rioting cases registered against the VDC terrorists in different police stations of the Jammu division but on the other hand Mehbooba Mufti is advocating this terrorist force in the state assembly that she had no reason or proposal for disbanding this force.”
He claimed that the VDC is actually an armed force created on the directions of the Indian home ministry with an only purpose to keep a strict vigil on the activities of the Jammu Muslims.
“… and if need arises they can also be used for executing the genocide plans on Muslims of the region.”
Geelani said he was surprised over the need of this VDC force when “there are already more than 10 lakh military and paramilitary Indian forces and about one lakh state police deployed in small region of Jammu & Kashmir.”
He said that there is no logic in the government claims that this force has been created to counter the armed struggle of Jammu & Kashmir.
“According to the police and the Indian secret agencies there are only 180 Muhajideen active in the state while as in Jammu division their presence is negligible. Geelani sahab said that like the lakhs of Indian armed forces are deployed in Jammu & Kashmir just to continue the occupation and the militancy is just an excuse for their presence, same way linking of VDCs with the armed struggle of Kashmir has no sense,” Geelani said in a statement issued here today.
“The track record of this terrorist group is also evident that they have always acted against the innocent Muslims of the region. This is a gang of dacoits and burglars sponsored by the government who are involved in hundreds of rape and other serious crimes.”
While criticizing the written reply of Mehbooba Mufti in state assembly, Geelani sahab said that she is acting as an official spokesperson of the RSS.
“… and she loses no opportunity to appease them.”
“The decision regarding the refusal of disbanding the VDC in Jammu & Kashmir would have come from Nagpur and then the Mehbooba Ji presented that dictation in the assembly,” said Geelani.