Vested interests trying to sabotage JKMSC: DAK


It is a conspiracy to derail the process

KG News Desk

Srinagar, April 26: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today said that some elements with vested interests are trying to sabotage J&K Medical Supplies Corporation which was established to pave way for an effective implementation of approved drug policy.

President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said that these elements are adopting every means to scuttle it and are misleading public by disseminating false information regarding the functioning of corporation.

JKMSC was set up in 2013 to do away with the purchase committees which were involved in the purchase and supply of spurious drugs in government hospitals.

There is a deep rooted nexus between drug mafia and these vested interests who in connivance with a powerful lobby are working against the new procurement mechanism.

They are generating a false perception of non-availability of the drugs while the fact of the matter is that despite drugs being available, they are delaying their distribution in hospitals.

Hospitals had no standard treatment protocols which delayed the preparation of essential drugs list and now when the list has been finalized, they deliberately are not making requisitions, passing the blame to corporation.

This is a conspiracy to derail the process and get back to the old system of local purchases which were gold mines for these people.

For opposing, these elements along with their masters are receiving huge sums of money from shoddy pharma companies.

They are undermining the public good for their personal gains.

The corporation came into being in the wake of fake drug scam to have a transparent system in place for purchase of standard drugs and equipments for health institutions.

Several states of the country including Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan are successfully using this mechanism of procurement for drugs and equipments.

The aim of this autonomous organization is to provide quality medicines free of cost to the patients of the state.

In order to ensure that medicines supplied to the patients are of standard quality, every batch of medicines are tested through JKMSC empanelled NABL accredited drug testing and analytic laboratories across the country.

Prior to this, the consumers were relying on the quality assurances based on results that pharma companies provide from their in-house facilities.

“People in JK want drugs to save lives and not take them.”