Violence benefits Geelani, Malik and Mirwaiz


by Farooq Ganderbali
The decision of the Government to detain JKLF chief Mohammad Yasin Malik under Public Safety Act (PSA) is better late than never as Malik’s activities were highly prejudicial to the maintenance of public order. It warranted immediate prevention measures to be taken against him to prevent the society from violence, strikes, economic adversity, social indiscipline and unwarranted influence on the youth which has become a cascading effect on triggering public disorder.
Malik is not only involved in killing of air force officers in 1990 and kidnapping of former chief minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s daughter Rubiya Sayeed in December 1989 but has dozens of other criminal cases registered against him. He openly challenges the accession of J&K with the union of India and strives hard for securing secession of the State. From the year 2016 till date he was very much active in sabotaging the peace and public tranquillity of the state.
Over the years Malik has continued to remain glued to the anti-national and secessionist activities. He is a ‘drama queen’ too, throwing tantrums every now and then to seek sympathy and secure attention. He is known for his bad language.
States should always take separatist movements seriously, more so, in the border state like Jammu and Kashmir, where Pakistan is poking its dirty nose right from 1947. In Kashmir, separatism is tacitly fuelled by Pakistan and stooges like Malik are used for that. Diffident of eliciting people’s trust, Pakistan has only tried to radicalized Kashmir in the name of religion as well as self-determination – a ploy that consists in first separating Kashmir from India and then merge it in Pakistan.
The world, specially the West, has changed radically since 9/11. Kashmiri separatists are isolated from reality. India must sit tight and not succumb to pressure tactics. After relative peace that Kashmir has got used to, let there be a dose of unrest for the Kashmiri to come to his collective senses. The Hurriyat and other separatists, have been marginalised and they have gone back to the bad old days of shutdowns and marches to the United Nations office in Srinagar.
Time has come when Government of India should deal strictly with these fringe elements, who on Pakistani directions, are hell bent to destroy Kashmir and its economy. Malik and his ilk have been reaping benefits of Kashmir conflict for years while thousands of innocent Kashmiris lost their lives. Now is the time when the Center should take tough decisions to ensure peace returns to Kashmir and common people are benefited. Violence benefits only a few like Malik and his friends Syed Ali Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.