We believe in preserving life, and want no more dead bodies in J&K


London, Senior leader of United Kashmir Peoples National Party, Dr Shabir Choudhry said there is no military solution to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute; and those who are shouting slogans of jihad, and are promoting extremism, terrorism and intolerance are not well-wishers of Jammu and Kashmir.

UKPNP has always opposed violence and terrorism, and have advanced pro peace and pro people policies. Guns kill people and add to our suffering and miseries. We don’t want more dead bodies. We have already lost tens of thousands of people due to wrong policies and a proxy war.

Our aim is to preserve life and dignity of our people; and that cannot be done with use of gun and violence. We must promote a culture of peace and tolerance; and strive for a liberal, democratic and secular society which can effectively cater for needs of all citizens.

Dr Shabir Choudhry said there are people who dislike peace and harmony. Their politics requires blood of innocent people. They create a situation which result in bloodshed and violence. Suffering of people and politics of hatred is good for their business.

Loyal sons of Jammu and Kashmir need to recognise these merchants of blood, and their proxies. We must understand that Jammu and Kashmir dispute is not a religious dispute; and there is no danger to Islam in Jammu and Kashmir. The divided State of Jammu and Kashmir belongs to all of us; and no region should be allowed to dictate policies.