What was Shujaat Bukhari’s guilt?


Ershad Mahmud
We could not believe that senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari was martyred in Srinagar by today. His killing was not a news for just Kashmir, but one of the big news of this region. He was not an emenent writer of the region but he was considered to be a man of wisdom of the area, besides being a writer. There is no shortage of journalists and thinkers but hew was an outstanding and compassionate person. He did not only highlight the news of violence and killing in Kashmir, but also put-up efforts to change the situation. Besides tracking the progress on Kashmir he would push for the peaceful solution of the Kashmir problem. In this course he made it possible to persuade people for talks. Since last eight years I heard about him to be inclined to talks and his words were very moderate and motivating. He always had a quest for the resolution of Kashmir dispute to bring peace and prosperity of the region. Besides that he would always vociferous about peace and was always uniting the voices of Kashmir across the LOC. Shujjat Bukhari was a great orator, a writer and a businessman, his capabilities would get refined day by day but the same was not palatable for the local leaders who bear Pakistani temptations as it was viewed to be bad ominous for them. This is because that they desired to hold monopoly over the issue and they were not ready to concede his innovation and novel idea and the same was viewed to be suspicious. There are many thinkers and ideologue in the society which breeds scope for the operation of intelligence agencies to play their card to pit people against each other. Even this is hard to rule out that one can’t rule the roost single handedly.  Therefore, his rise was attributed to be backed by the same resultantly it built up enmity and jealously among his contenders. The facilitation of the cross LOC trade was also considered to be a ….. the conference held at Dubai, last year, is considered to be an attempt of developing a movement to criticize the setup which as per syed sallahudin was remarked to be funded and backed by Indian agencies. The very next day, LeT issued statement and threatening against the guild for being the traitors. Although, I bear witness to the fact that shujjat Bukhari always pressed for the participation of hurriyat and Syed Sallahudin in the resolution of Kashmir dispute.

Sooner after the conclusion of Dubai conference he was conveyed the threat to which he responded politely and referred the same being taken up with Peer Sahib (Syed Sallahudin). Later, after few days Shujjat Bukhari called me said that as per the government sources that I have been put on hit list and was suggested to talk to peer sahib(Syed Sallahudin). Fortunately, he could make out a way wherein Asad Yasdany was also present. Further, peer sahib was thrusted to ensure shujjats safety in the given circumstances but Sallahudin replied in unequivocal terms that he is not so mean to issue orders for the execution a journalist. Let him be satisfied and not pay any heed to it as it is mere propaganda.  

Since last few months a social media campaign was run against Shujjat Bukhari that he is a protagonist of Indian cause and is sabotaging freedom movements. Many people in Islamabad would also state the same but lacked any cogent material. Once i mentioned we haven’t read-Shujjat’s-heart-out but wherever he speaks he didn’t speak against Kashmir. Fake facebook campaign was run against him which is also unveiled as far now and it stands clear that the operators of such fb id’s rest at Islamabad and Rawalpindi. For many days Shujjat Bukhari appealed for look-out of the fake fb id’s who are meant to malign his character. On the date of his assasination he had requested for scrutiny of one fake fb id, but it was reacted halfheartedly with the words” Bej Dena khayal tha ki eid kay baad dekha jayega(let you send it, possibly the same would be replied after eid).  

Not only in Srinagar, but in India people were debating about his twitter posts wherein he had criticized security forces for crushing down a boy under security forces vehicle. In which thousands of people criticized him for having separatist ideology.

Insha-Allah. the murderer of Shujaat Bukhari will meet their fate. I still am perplexed thinking how punishing of pawns is going to help? The petty people kill people like Shujjat Bukhari with having any estimation of the degree of loss they cause to the society. People like Shujjat Bukhario don’t deserve to be destroyed instead deserve garlanded with flowers.

It is time high time to nab not only the pawns but their masters as well. It is not only Shujaat Bukhari who is a victim of such dastardly designs but many intellectuals have been its victims yet the perpetrators are out scot-free. Those who act as mute spectators are likely to meet the same fate.

It is high time for both India and Pakistan equally to investigate the killing and share its information across the borders including the nears and dearers.

Unfortunate, the place I hale from, rawalkote, is just five hours distance away from Srinagar but control line has become a huge impediment and divided us and it is not possible for me to reach-out to participate in my friends funeral.
Courtesy the week