World Sindhi Congress organises massive protest against Pakistan at UNHRC meet


After Balochi activists organised a massive protest against Pakistan on the sidelines of the ongoing 37th session of United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, it was the turn of World Sindhi Congress of hosting a protest of equal scale to highlight state-sponsored crimes in Sindh.

Accusing Pakistan of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, several members of WSC raised banner and black flags flaying the government in Islamabad. And despite a heavy downpour in Vienna, the protestors remained steadfast in demanding the international community to take note of Pakistani atrocities. Terming it as a blatant violation of basic human rights of people in Sindh, the protestors also urged Pakistani agencies to stop terror operations in Sindh.

Based in the UK, US, Canada and Sindh, WSC promotes human rights of Sindhis around the world. The organisation accuses Pakistani establishment of forcing Islamization, denying indigenous cultures, unfair allocation of resources, plundering natural resources, re-directing water from Indus and constructing military bases to subdue Sindhis. Much like Balochis, members of WSC also say that the establishment is working towards robbing them of their identity.