Would leave everything to act in Baahubali 3: Kajal Aggarwal


Mumbai, Actress Kajal Aggarwal said she would leave everything in this world to act in Baahubali 3, if the film is ever made and offered to her by director S S Rajamouli.

“Absolutely, I will leave everything to act in Baahubali-3. That would be my first preference,” she told PTI on the sidelines of an event organised by Pond’s here. Kajal said she did not regret having not acted in Baahubali, but was proud of the film which was on par with international standards.

“More than feeling left out, I had a sense of pride when I saw the film. It is amazing. It is on par with any international film,” she said.

“It is his prerogative and it is his script and he obviously chose best for his film and he cast people, who he thought were best suited,” she added.To a query, Kajal said films like Baahubali are too expensive and the industry cannot afford it, but was impressed with Rajamouli to have made film which has gained international recognition.

“It is not possible to have a trend of Baahubali. They are too expensive. We can’t afford it in our industry, and these kinds of films are made once in a while,” she said.

“I am extremely impressed and proud of the fact that Rajamouli sir, one of my most favourite directors, has made the film and I am very happy with the way it has gained recognition to Indian cinema worldwide,” the actress added.

Asked about the trend of making women-oriented films like Akira and Mary Kom, Kajal said the times are changing and it is a great space to be in.

“The times are changing. A lot of films have been made like Akira and Mary Kom and female protagonists are given equal importance. And not just in Bollywood and even down South, our Tamil and Telugu films also focus a lot on women protagonists and it is to be a great space to be in,” she said.

Asked why she is not doing many Bollywood films, Kajal said, “Because I am too busy doing amazing films in Telugu and Tamil, but you will see me soon.”

Asked about the experience of working with Chiranjeevi and son Ram Charan, Kajal said she does not feel any difference because she focuses on her character and the script of the film.

“I mean I am an actor. I am supposed to do the job and whoever I am acting with I don’t feel any differently because I am focusing on my own character, story and script,” she said.

However, Kajal said she has lot of respect for Chiranjeevi and he is a legend.