You are losing Kashmir; Dr Abdullah tells on TV


SRINAGAR: Dr Farooq Abdullah, the former Chief Minister, who is pitting against PDP for least-polled Srinagar constituency has said that the outcome has been extremely worrying for the democracy. “”I really do not know where we are heading?” Dr Abdullah told a Delhi based channel on Monday.

“Last time in 2014 when I contested we had 29% polling and there was no killing. But see what has been the change in last two years,” Dr Abdullah said. “It is a tragedy for the Indian democracy, if we do not wake up now, I do not know where we are heading?”

J&K’s long time Chief Minister alleged that the ruling alliance was directly responsible for the least outcome for two reasons: one, they did not provide the security to voters and second, they targeted the areas where NC was supposed to get a fair share of votes.

“There were places where people came out to vote but the doors were locked, they did not permit the people to vote,” Dr Abdullah said. “What happened was actually created by the present government. They paid many people to destroy this election.” He alleged his voters were obstructed from polling.

Dr Abdullah said that the last time the All Party Delegation led by Home Minister visited Kashmir; they made various promises but did not keep one. They did not talk to the stakeholders and to the youth and Pakistan, he said. “Do not blame us for your failures,” he shouted at one TV anchor. He said his party will sit after the results are out and decide if at all it should be accepted.
Former chief minister and National Conference president Farooq Abdullah has said that New Delhi could lose Kashmir valley if it doesn’t find a political solution to the dispute.

On Tuesday, speaking to another news channel, Dr Abdullah said that Delhi has failed: “Why am I playing with fire? Is that not true? Are the stone pelters fighting for MP-ship or MLA-ship or some ministerial post? Wake up, before it is too late.”

Dr Abdullah said that there was no second option to talking to Pakistan. “Don’t tell me Pakistan is not a party to this problem. Whether you like it or not, you have to talk to Pakistan,” Dr Abdullah said. “If you want to beat the threat of the terrorists, then you better start talking now.”
The top NC leader said that it was high time to get talking. “Let’s not burn, let’s talk to the youth, Hurriyat, [and] other leaders and come to a solution,” Dr Abdullah said. “You have 8 people dead, and God knows how many injured. How long will you keep on doing this? You think it’s all law and order? Or, you think by development you can change the mind of people?”

“You are losing Kashmir. You better wake up, and start thinking on not a military solution, but a political way, Dr Abdullah said. “And come down from your high horses…I am seeing a very bad situation. The youth is on boil, which I have not seen before.”