Youth Being Forced to Spy upon Militants, Riyaz Naikoo Releases Fresh Audio


Srinagar:In his latest audio, the chief operational commander of Hizb ul Mujahideen, Riyaz Naikoo has asked people to distance themselves from Sadbhavana operations and Army tours.

*“Please stay away from Army tours, they are not our friends, they are just pretending to be our friends, we ask parents to stay away from these Army tours,” Riyaz has said in this 10 Minute audio.*

Riyaz Naikoo is heard condemning the harassment of youth by Army men. “The Army men are forcing many youth to spy upon Militants,” he says.

He has asked the youth to upload their videos if they are being forced to turn into informers. “India is engaging in a proxy war by providing drugs at ease to youth.”

Expressing solidarity with Prisoners, he is heard saying, “We have decided that now we will deal with the issue of political prisoners with brute force, if the jail staff do not stop harassing the inmates, we have the capacity to reach their homes.”
“we will reach their homes and then deal with them,” Riyaz is heard saying.